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Results that are
more than just
a simple veneer.

I aim to identify and then magnify the essential beauty present in each patient.

No two patients are the same. Your reason for walking through our front door will be deeply personal and requires a bespoke, individualised approach to match. We do everything possible to nurture a level of emotional and physical care that is unsurpassed. Integrity, discretion and sensitivity drive every patient contact.

Your safety is our primary concern. During your consultations with Jeremy and his team your general health will be carefully screened to ensure that you can safely consider potential treatments.

The desire to undergo cosmetic surgery is a major decision requiring appropriate discussion and thought and a number of consultations are usually required before final treatments can be decided upon.

At the conclusion of your assessment, you will be given sensible, realistic advice on treatments best suited to meeting your specific needs. Treatments designed to improve appearance are not suitable for everyone, and in some cases it may be better to have no procedure than an inappropriate or risky one.

We love to share in our patient’s transformations. This means that our interest does not end the moment you leave hospital or our specialized treatment facility. We consider all of our patients as patients for life, and warmly welcome ongoing personal contact and feedback.