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Pioneering the
art of science
and beauty.

“I identify and then magnify, the real beauty present within each patient to help align their appearance with how they feel on the inside. This attains quality results that appear more the work of nature than medical intervention.”

Dr Jeremy L Wilson

“Creating beautiful
results that are more
than just a simple


Dr Jeremy Wilson is a highly skilled, widely respected Plastic Surgeon who is recognised as both an innovator and expert in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of the face, breast and body. Striving for Results that help align a person’s appearance with how they feel on the inside.


Offering the highest quality plastic surgery supported by a team, hand-picked to ensure that your experience is individualised and of the highest quality. Our reputation for excellence is based on a tireless pursuit to stay at the cutting edge of innovation. From practices and product to technology and processes, this dedication goes beyond the surgery and permeates every aspect of our business.