Abdominoplasty Melbourne

Abdominoplasty Melbourne

Many patients with excess skin following weight loss and/or childbirth will need to consider surgery, with or without non-surgical body contouring treatments, in order to best meet their desired im-provements. Jeremy Wilson is a trusted abdominoplasty Melbourne, arm lift and thigh lift Melbourne surgeon who is dedicated to helping you achieve the body you desire.

Commonly referred to as a ‘tummy tuck’ abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that tightens and tones the abdomen and waist by tightening muscles and removing excess fat and skin. To repair the abdomen, a ‘smile’ shaped incision is made along the bikini line, and a small incision is made inside the navel. Through this incision, the muscles of the lower abdominal wall are tightened where required. The skin is then re-tightened and the wound is closed, leaving you with a flatter waist. Please be mindful that our abdominoplasty Melbourne service is not a weight loss solution and should only be considered only when diet and exercise will not achieve the desired results.

Arm lift Melbourne

Drastic weight fluctuations and natural ageing can have a direct affect on the excess skin of the upper arms. This excess skin can be corrected with an arm lift, also known as brachioplasty sur-gery. Performed under twilight sedation, the procedure involves tightening the skin along the upper arm. An incision is usually made in the armpit, extending down the arm as required. The unwanted skin and fat is then removed and the skin re-draped to reveal the natural contours of the arms and deliver a more proportionate appearance.

Arm Lift Melbourne
Cosmetic Thigh Lift Melbourne

Cosmetic thigh lift Melbourne

The inner thighs are particularly susceptible to loose, drooping skin, thanks to issues such as weight loss, natural ageing and excess fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. Achieve the smooth, shape-ly thighs you desire with a Jeremy Wilson thigh lift Melbourne. A thigh lift is a surgical procedure in which we the remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the legs. Performed under general anaes-thetic sedation, an incision is made at the intersection of the thigh and pubic area. A wedge of skin and fat is removed before the skin is tightened, resulting in improved leg contour and enhanced skin elasticity.

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The costs for our arm lift Melbourne surgery, thigh lifts and abdominoplasty Melbourne will vary de-pending on your overall situation and expectations. We are a small but dedicated team and we love what we do. We want each and every client to come back to us feeling fantastic about their new body. To discuss the surgical procedures that may be appropriate for your needs, please call the Jeremy Wilson Plastic Surgeon team on (03) 5973 4566 today